QuickBooks for Retail and Manufacturing (Watch Live Demo)

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Are you a retail or manufacturing business owner looking for the best accounting software that can manage your inventories of raw materials, and track production activities as well finished products?

Here is a live video demonstration of how we deployed QuickBooks Premier, and Enterprise Solutions for our retail and manufacturing clients in different countries.

Areas covered in this FREE QuickBooks video tutorial:

  • Activate multiple currencies, set your home currency to Nigeria Naira and track foreign exchange transactions.
  • Manage your customers, and see how much they owe you
  • Create invoices, and add VAT charges.
  • Receive payment from customers that owe you to your Naira account.
  • Record cash payment on expenses incurred
  • Inventories – Track all your old and new construction-related inventories, see how many are in store after issuing out, and track damaged items.
  • Reconcile the inventories in-store with the quantity on the system
  • Track project-based transactions, if any
  • Transfer funds between your bank accounts.
  • Reconcile bank statements.
  • Project reporting – see how much you earned and incurred on different supply projects if any.
  • Generate receivables, payables, profit or loss, statements of financial positions, cash flow, VAT, and other relevant management reports.
  • Set usernames and passwords for users and limit what they can do.
  • Allows multi-users” access.
  • Desktop: This plan doesn’t require annual subscriptions and can only be accessed on the system it’s installed – not remotely except you host it on the cloud.
  • Desktop Hosted on Cloud: This plan requires an annual subscription on the cloud server but the accounting software is one-off.
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